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Filters & Cartridges

Water Depot offers a wide variety of filters and cartridges to meet your household needs including sediment filters, carbon block filters, polypropylene filters and GAC filters in an assortment of sizes.


String Filter

Excellent filter for removing particulate from water. Made of tightly wound string to create filtration.


Polyspun Filter

This filter is also used as a filter for removal of particulate from water. It is composed of fibres tightly spun into a tighter structure to create filtration.


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Pleated Filter

Pleated filters are excellent when better flow is required. Some filters can be cleaned and re-installed. Pleated filters are excellent for applications for whole home and cottages.

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Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

This filter is an excellent carbon pre-filter for reverse osmosis systems. A GAC filter is not to be used as a particulate filter, also has low flow rates.




Carbon Block

A carbon block filter removes chlorine and organics similar to the GAC filter, however the carbon block has better filtering characteristics. This filter has increases flow rates and improved taste in odor.