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Water Testing Kits:

Water is your family's most precious resource. That's why it's so important for you to know what’s getting into your home and filling your glass! Testing your water for dangerous chemicals and impurities is the most important first step in maintaining a happy, healthy, contaminant-free home. Our unique, do-it-yourself kits make it easier than ever to get professional results at an affordable price.

well kitWater Safe Well Water Test Kit

The Well Water Test Kit will test for:
Bacteria, Pesticides, Nitrates, Lead, Iron, Nitrites, Hardness, pH, Chlorine, Copper

drinking kitWater Safe Drinking Water Test Kit

The Drinking Water Test Kit will test for:
Bacteria, Pesticides, Nitrates, Lead, Hardness, pH, Chlorine

Spa Products:

Water depot is an authorized dealer for SpaChem carrying a full line of spa chemicals and testing products to suit your needs.

Hot Tub Chemicals oils


Stainless Steel Bottles:

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  • BPA Free
  • Other bottles available
    • Plastic Small Bottle
    • 18L BPA Free Jug
    • 11L White Jug


Water Dispensers:

Water Depot offers various water dispenser designs including large crock, personal crock, crattles and spigots, hand pumps and much more.

Cooler Covers:


The Water Depot cooler covers are a wonderful way to dress up any cooler. Water Depot offers a large variety of patterns to match any décor.

Cleaning Kit for Water Dispensers :


  • Effective against E.coli
  • Disinfects on contact
  • Descales and deodorizes
  • Quick, safe and easy to use

Single use kit contains:

  • 50mL of cleaning solution
  • 1 sponge brush
  • 1 tube brush


Water Pitcher Filtration System (VWP46P-C):



  • Holds 0.4 gal (1.5L) of water
  • Electronic performance indicator device tells youwhen it is time to replace your filter
  • Convenient filling spout
  • Universal filter significantly reduces chlorine taste and odor and particulate
  • Universal filter fits most other brands of pitchers
  • Filter life: 38 gallons (150 liters), approx. 2 months
  • System includes 1 universal filter

Portable Ice Makers:

  • Ready to use in 10 minutes
  • Easy to use - just add water
  • Simply pour tap water into the top of the ice maker
  • Select small, medium or large ice cube size
  • Produces 12kg / 26.5lbs of ice every 24 hours
  • Completely portable - no drain, installation or plumbing required
  • Viewing window
  • Easy to use touch pad with illuminated indicators


Soapopular Inc. delivers another first, the 10mL personal size misting alcohol free hand sanitizer is effective at killing 99.9% of common, harmful germs, bacteria and fungi without drying your skin. Soapopular hand sanitizer is fast drying, non-stinging, and will leave your hands fresh and clean with no sticky residue!

• Alcohol Free - Non-drying to the skin
• Rinse Free Formula - No soap, water, or towels needed
• Non-Irritating and Non-Toxic - Gentle to skin
• No Sticky Residue
• Antiseptic - Helps prevent infections in minor abrasions
• Hypoallergenic
• Non-Flammable
• Other sizes available





Water Depot offers and array of wonderful cleaning products such as Bowl Master, Soft Shine, Orange Cleaner and so many more