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"It is great to taste clean, clear water again"

Charlie and Terri Wray

We like to fish stained and dirty water, but we sure don't want to drink it. We wanted a system that would soften water, remove chemicals and chlorine, and was easy to use.  We found that the Refineosoft from Water Depot was a perfect fit. It softens water, removes chemicals and chlorine, all in one system. The strong chlorine smell was instantly removed from our water. We also installed and love our Water Depot reverse osmosis drinking water system, we fill our water bottles for the boat and simply can't drink tap water anymore.  It is great to taste clean, clear water again.

  • Water Depot

"Good customer service and great products deserve mentioning"

"Good customer service and great products deserve mentioning...and when it's here in Bradford, no better place to voice that great service than the Welcome to Bradford Page. Hats off to Brent N LeeAnne Preece and the team at the Water Depot. They found the right system for my families clean water needs and installed it without any issues. And a follow up call the next day to make sure everything is perfect goes above and beyond your typical customer service levels. If you have water issues or water questions, visit your Bradford Water Depot and let them help you!"

  • Water Depot Bradford

"your assistance and dedication to ensuring it got fixed was just superb"

Shawn, you are absolutely the best example of perfect customer service.  When we first entered your Wasaga Beach  store with our sample of water for testing  we had just moved into the community.  The problem with the water softener that we inherited with the house, was unique and your assistance and dedication to ensuring it got fixed was just superb.  I highly recommend you and your staff to everyone needing water treatment help. We will continue to utilize the services of your business and recommend you to all. Thank you for your help.

  • Water Depot Wasaga Beach

"Vince was professional as well as courteous and friendly"

To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge one of your employees, Vince Edwards. Vince was instrumental in our decision to purchse an RO system (Vectapure 360 4 stage), from Water Depot.  I've been a Water Depot customer for many years purchasing bottled water at the Newmarket store. I indicated to your main office that I was interested in information regarding a home RO system. Vince Edwards, a Water Depot advisor, came to our home and was a wealth of information. I had several questions regarding the system and the water quality. All of my questions and concerns were addressed to my satisfaction. Vince was professional as well as courteous and friendly. At no time did I feel pressured into purchasing this product. I don't normally make such a purchase without taking the time to think it over and doing my own in depth research. Vince was so convincing and I felt comfortable with him that I went ahead and purchased the unit on the spot. Please pass on my thanks to Vince for a job well done.

  • Water Depot

"The installer was very friendly and nice to deal with"

I want to thank you for getting my water softener in to my new house so quickly. I lived for two weeks without one and my skin was dry, I had to use 3 times the amount of dish soap, laundry detergent and shampoo. The installer was very friendly and nice to deal with and I felt comfortable with you immediately. All the paperwork was done and it was great that you registered my water softener for the 7 year warranty. I would recommend Leeanne Preece to anyone who wants to get a new water softener or specialty water products including: reverse osmosis water systems, bottled water, whole home disinfection systems, hot tubs, saunas, and ultraviolet disinfection systems. Her goal is to provide the best customer service and products with excellent value.  Leeanne is a great asset to our BNI chapter and I look forward to working with you in the future.

  • Water Depot Bradford

"It was the sort of experience I will not soon forget"

To Whom It May Concern,
My experience at Water Depot began when my younger brother, one day, asked me bring two 5-gallon bottles of reverse-osmosis water. I had initially thought the store closed at 9PM but realized it closes at 8PM, when I left near that to time purchase the two water bottles.  I called ahead, already on my way to the store and asked the associate on the phone (whom I later discovered to be Candice), whether it would be possible for her keep the store open for just a little while longer, until I arrived. She not only obliged but had the two bottles already filled and ready for me to pick up, when I arrived. Furthermore, even though she had already shut down the system, she re-booted it to allow me to pay by Interac, as I didn't have any cash at the moment and helped me carry the two bottles to my car.  Although I purchased only two items, it was nevertheless rare to deal with an associate that cares so much about the customer. It was the sort of experience I will not soon forget and so, have since purchased all my water bottles only at Water depot.  At this time, I would also like to thank you for employing such wonderful people and for allowing your customers to share their experience.

  • Water Depot Hamilton

"dealing with your staff was wonderful"

First let me say I love my new water softener system and dealing with your staff was wonderful. A gentleman by the name of Bill came to my home on January 22, 2013. He sat down with me and explained in great detail about my options regarding which product would be right for me. He took his time and since all this is new to me had to go over things a few times before I grasped the concept, very professional and extremely helpful. I did purchase the WDSPREF24 Platinum, I must say I was a little surprised at the cost as I have driven by your shop several times and saw the sign or $498. Bill explained what that was about. I couldn't stand what the hard water was doing to my hair, skin, laundry and I was drinking bottled water because I didn't like the smell, so I ordered the system.  On Friday, January 25th,  your installer Dave came, he too was great and very professional. I did ask around where I live about who they used and everyone I spoke to went to Water Depot, now I can see why. You two have a great company and employees you can be proud of. Add me to your list of very satisfied customers and I will have no problem recommending your company - THANK YOU WATER DEPOT

  • Water Depot Alliston

"response time was quick and very accommodating to my schedule"

I am very impressed with the level of customer service provided. Your response time was quick and very accommodating to my schedule. The diagnosis was accurate and the repairs effective. What more could one ask? I wish everyone who delivers a service could do so as well as you. Thank you for all your help in this; you've got a loyal customer for life!

  • Water Depot Kitchener

"The iron buster system is working so wonderfully"

Thanks so much Bruce. The iron buster system is working so wonderfully. What I appreciate most is not having to constantly clean the orange stains off the bathtub. I saves me so much time. I wish I had done this years ago.

  • Water Depot Kanata

"Always willing to give hand"

Gary is one of the most mild manner guys you could know. Always there to lend a hand and when my keys got locked in my jeep there was no hesitation when I asked to use the phone. He actually picked up the phone book and started firing out numbers to get a hold of CAA. All the employees seem have his character of having a smile and a kind word to greet you with. Always willing to give hand and the small treats for the kids is never missed and greatly appreciated. There is always something to chat about when it comes to his die hard love for the Toronto Maple Leaf’s. I guess we all have our flaws, Go Hab’s Go…… :) In my experience with the Woodstock store it is nothing less than a show case store, meaning the people that is and the atmosphere they bring in side it. After all anyone can put up the four walls and stick a sign on it. It’s the Woodstock people the make it a great place to get my water.

  • Water Depot Woodstock

"The employees make it a point to know their customers personally"

It is wonderful to walk into the Water Depot Bracebridge store and be recognized by the employee with a good morning and my name! The employees make it a point to know their customers personally. A real hometown experience!

  • Water Depot Bracebridge

"pleased I was with the service I received"

On Friday September 13th, 2013 I had occasion to do business with your company at  the Cambridge store.This is just a note to let you know how pleased I was with the service I received. Your employee  (Anna)  was and is always especially helpful.In this day and age good customer service is often difficult to find, and I feel it is important that it be recognized.Thank you for your commitment to good customer service. Keep up the good work.

  • Water Depot Cambridge

"We were especially pleased with the installation"

Hi Keith, this is just a quick email to say thanks and to let you know how happy we are with the non salt water softener you installed at our house and my daughters.  We are so pleased and were especially pleased with the installation and how nice it was to have your installers come on time and work in such an efficient and caring manner.  They worked quickly and were very clean and left everything the way they found it. I would also like to say it was sure nice that you took the time to come out to both the installs and made sure all was well.  We sure don't get that kind of service in too many areas anymore. As far as the products we just love them and my skin and hair are really a lot nicer.  The reverse osmosis system has even me drinking water and enjoying it which is also really good for our health.

  • Water Depot Oakville

"I am happy dealing with these people and your company"

The store employees are very friendly. They carry my water out. Know me by name when I come in. Great to deal with. I am happy dealing with these people and your company. Have been a customer for over 25 years I believe. Keep up the good work and product.

  • Water Depot Barrie North

"I appreciated the detail and information provided"

I am thrilled with my new water softener!! Thank you. The whole experience was excellent - from the arrival time of Frank the installer, who was very pleasant and helpful, to the removal of the sick and worn out water softener, it has not been doing well for a long time, to the installation of the new model, which is efficient and modern, even the clean up afterward. Well done. I am very pleased that I decided to get my water softener replaced through Water Depot. It was reasonably priced unlike some of the other quotes that I've heard about. It works very quietly - that is a big improvement over the previous model. LeeAnne is very knowledgeable and was able to explain the advantages of each of the various water softeners. I appreciated the detail and information provided. The brochures were helpful but the personal explanation was even better and assisted me greatly in making my selection.

I would definitely recommend the Water Depot for your water and water softener needs and particularly LeeAnne and her team in Bradford.

"I don't know what I would do if we didn't have Water Depot!"

I LOVE WATER DEPOT!!! Since starting to drink this water, I have been able to spot a fake anywhere! Just knowing that what I am putting in my mouth is pure and clean, brings such a feeling of contentment....I will never go back. We have been drinking WD for over 15 years, both here and in Bracebridge, however, when we first moved to Bracebridge, there wasn't a we had to drive up to Port Carling...which we did...we would probably drive a hundred miles...oh wait...we did!!! can't imagine life without your water! Thank you for being!!!Now, lets talk about Staff...Because of our situation, we have lived in all areas of Barrie, and therefore have had the pleasure, and I say that sincerely, of dealing with every store. One thing that I can say whole heartedly, is that the customer service is BARR NONE!! Always a smile, always very curtious and genuine. I don't know how many people I have talked to about you, but I have lost count...and I always will. I actually stopped someone in a grocery store who was about to buy their water and gave them the referral card and told them to try you...the cost and the taste, couldn't compare...and he did...Kenn stands out to me because of his genuine, gentle sweet spirit. Always kind, always respectful and I NEVER have to ask him to carry the water for me...matter of fact, as soon as I come in the store, he meets me, takes one of my bottles and while we chat, does half the work! I love the experience and look forward to it every time. I know this sounds a bit much... but it's is all the sincere and from the heart, I don't know what I would do if we didn't have Water Depot!

  • Water Depot Barrie North

"Keep up the great effort"

Sabrina is an extremely personable person.My wife normally picks up our water supplies, but as my mother-in-law had been battling cancer, I would pick up both hers and our supplies. The first time I walked in and informed Sabrina as to the two families I was picking up the water for, she immediately began to question me about my mother-in-law's status and to wish her best wishes. Sabrina has continued with that same caring disposition every visit I make. She is always keeping busy, from performing water tests to offering assistance to the cliental. As I am in the service industry and train HVACR apprentices, I am well aware of the importance of customer relations. Hats off to Sabrina and the Bolton store. Keep up the great effort.

  • Water Depot Bolton

"Water Depot has been a mainstay in my life for water for over 7 years"

Dave is an amazing customer service provider, always greeted with a smile when I walk into the store. He is always in great mood and willing to answer any question that you throw his way, and plus he always likes to engage with just idol chatter. Of all three locations in Barrie, I frequent this store location the most. I rarely carry out any of my bottles and even when I have one they always offer. Water Depot has been a mainstay in my life for water for over 7 years, I refuse to purchase water elsewhere.

  • Water Depot Barrie Essa

"Kenn is always very helpful and friendly"

Kenn is always very helpful and friendly. He keeps us abreast of new information and promotions and represents Water Depot very professionally. 

  • Water Depot Bradford

"Hats off to the excellent customer relations staff"

I am very impressed with the staff of Water Depot. I have been to South Barrie, Alliston and Bradford. Each time I enter a Water Depot I am greeted by a genuinely positive and cheerful staff member.  They really go out of their way to make your time there pleasant. I was beginning to wonder about the training that these folks the point that I inquired at two of the locations as to what kind of training they received. Hats off to the excellent customer relations staff. YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB. !! I used to go to the supermarket  for my water. What a big difference. I look forward to seeing  the staff and having a bit of a chat when I need water. I have a few hernias and can't lift the jugs. I asked if they could carry them to the car for me. I thought I was putting them out until I noticed they ask everyone if they can help them take the jugs to their car. Keep up the good just can't beat good PR !!!!

  • Water Depot Barrie South

"It's nice getting such great service"

Carmen is a wonderful lady, always has a smile on her face when we drop in once a week. My kids love her, and she always stops to chat with them, and even gives them a sucker once in a while. She always remembers my name and always helps carry my water bottle to the car, as I wrangle my kids :)
It's nice getting such great service, and I've enjoyed small talk and getting to know her over the last year.

  • Water Depot Kitchener

"always lend a helping hand"

Exceptional service stands out for every visit. I am in the PR industry so it's something I look for in customer service. Candice and the entire team at Water Depot, Hamilton ON take the time to get to know their customers by name and they find a few minutes to ask the questions that mean the most, ex. how is family, I have not seen you in a while, the weather is poor be careful driving etc. I must mention, again not limited to Candice but extended to the entire Water Depot Hamilton Team they always lend a helping hand when loading the full refill's into my car, this is offered to all customers (again I notice customer service exceptions such as this). In doing so they have encouraged me to purchase water bottle holders for my trunk and a BPFRee bottles, their recommendations on accessories and bottle updates are welcomed. Keep up the great work!

  • Water Depot Hamilton

"We are delighted by the transformation in our water"

On March 8, 2007, we were thrilled to enjoy clean, safe and delicious drinking water in our kitchen!  Our new iron treatment unit, RO & UV system had been installed. As rural homeowners, several years were spent learning about water, treatment options, speaking with vendors and obtaining competitive quotes.  As a result of this process, Kate, at Water Depot Kitchener was selected as the vendor of choice. We are delighted by the transformation in our water, and thankful for the service provided by Kate.  We are happy to recommend Kate @ the Water Depot Kitchener to those who are considering water treatment products.

"I enjoyed dealing with you and your team"

I feel it's important to comment on how much I enjoyed dealing with you and your team and will recommend Water Depot to our neighbours. Paul was extremely polite, considerate, and very neat and tidy.  Also, Ruth is a professional and truly an expert in her field.  We are really pleased with the sales process and installation, and are already starting to enjoy nice, soft water. Many thanks to you, Ruth and Paul.

"I have been a customer since the store first opened its doors."

Hi, I am a customer of the Water Depot Bolton store, I have been a customer since the store first opened its doors. I would like to pass on that to date I have had nothing but all excellent experiences when in the store. The people are very respective and helpful. I purchased a polar ice maker a year ago from the Bolton store and to date am very happy with my ice maker. I take it to my trailer for the summer and then back home again for the winter. Not a problem or concern. Thank you Water Depot Bolton. Thank you also Sabrina Bucciol Bolton store.

  • Water Depot Bolton

"I am pleased to say you have exceeded our expectations"

We recently purchased a complete water system from your store (Water softener, UV and reverse osmosis). After a poor experience with two other companies that were unable to solve the hard water issues that we experience in this area, I am pleased to say you have exceeded our expectations.  The dish washer has never gotten dishes so sparkling. The hard water build up has disappeared everywhere unlike with the other systems we have used. The installer took the time to explain every detail without rushing out when he finished. With the reverse Osmosis and UV we are confident that the quality of our drinking water is as good as any bottled water you can buy.  Thank you. It is refreshing when something turns out to be as good as advertised.

  • Water Depot Woodstock

"THANK YOU so much Bill for your incredible service"

I want to thank Bill Goold from Water Depot, Brantford location for his EXCEPTIONAL service!!!! Being a mother of 3 children under 5 and a being a busy self employed business women as well - I find it difficult at times to get the day to day household errands done. I was on the search for a new ultraviolet light and after going to 2 different business with no help - one location I had to visit twice to still come out having no results. I then came across Bill at Water Depot and WOW his service was exceptional. He got me what I needed and also gave me a lesson on how I am to install the new light and things to watch for. It gets better - after getting home and realizing I had the wrong bulb (my error), I called Bill and he drove to my house all the way out in Scotland, ON and replaced it with the correct one for me - saving me another trip to town with three kids. THANK YOU so much Bill for your incredible service - it is nice to know we still have businesses like you.

  • Water Depot Brantford

"the water quality is superior to what it was before"

To the Management of Water Depot in Bolton, Ontario. In the beginning of 2013 Sabrina and I talked on numerous occasions on how I could rectify the water quality difficulties I was having in a house which I leased in September of 2012.  The house is on well water which is very high in iron content.  Sabrina provided me with multiple options and after a lot of discussions with her we agreed on a suitable solution.  I am a bit of a frugal person and wanted the best value for my dollar considering it was going into a leased domain.  Shortly after our discussions Sabrina arranged for Stan and his helper to view the location and make arrangements for the installation process.  An installation date was agreed upon and on that date I was totally surprised.  Stan and his helper were into the house and out within an hour with the installation of the water softener fully completed. Four months later I am totally impressed with the water softener that was installed and has provided us with a total difference in our water conditions.  The water is clear and odour free, washroom facilities are clean, showers are wonderful and laundry has been totally different. I have not had to touch the water softener nor do I even hear or know when it is working, but I do know that it is, as the water quality is superior to what it was before. I would like to thank you as the Management of Water Depot for your selection of employees, Sabrina, Stan and his helper and for providing me with an affordable solution to my water quality difficulties.

  • Water Depot Bolton

"Water Depot takes great pride and passion"

I am writing you in appreciation of the excellent training course that was received this week. It is great to be a part of a company that takes the extra effort to put forth this course for employees and franchisees. I am extremely impressed by the fact that Water Depot takes great pride and passion in what we do and sell. You have shown us that you are greatly experienced and highly skilled at what you do. Along with this you made it clear that you believe in what you are doing, which is a very important value… I feel very privileged to be working within a company of so many intelligent and driven individuals, and honored to be a part of the team.

"Bravo to all your team there at Bryne"

I just thought I'd take the time to comment on the tremendous service your staff gives at the Bryne location. If their friendly personalities and effervescent attitudes don't make you come back to their store - well there's something wrong with the customer! Bravo to all your team there at Bryne - we'll be a customer with you for a long time. I'm totally impressed!

  • Water Depot Bryne (Barrie South)

Super happy with the service and with our new water softener

Brian made the time to come to our home after hours to get the job done. Very professional and very friendly service! Thank You *:) FaceFa*

  • Water Depot Bracebridge

Just had my water tested with Water Depot free test great service

GaryBarnett was very polite, well informative very thoroughly with the tests and answered all our questions. I knew we had hard water. But this confirms it lol time to replace the old water softer and in with a new one. They have great rates where u can rent to own or just rent or  even buy out right. If u are looking for great service call one of the many offices they have.

  • Water Depot Lindsay

Awesome Service! And BEST Price!

Not only did they set up my new iron filter and hot water tank but they fixed the existing filter that was set up wrong by someone else. Thanks Gary and Daryl  Great job!

Great workmanship

Great workmanship great place to deal with response time is accurate and on time always prices are reasonable feedback is good they explain the products and how they work as well as how the product can help you save money.

  • Water Depot Kanata

I have been with water depot since the store opened here in Bolton.

Throughthe change in owners my family has been with water depot. My family just loves the water.

The staff at Water Depot is so friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone getting water or supplies from the Bolton Water Depot.

  • Water Depot Bolton

Best water you could ever drink

Best water you could ever drink. I loved it so much, I even got a job there

Evan was great to talk to

Evan was great to talk to. He helped me with all my water needs. I highly recommend him.

We purchased a water softener and an under the sink filtration system last week

We purchased a water softener and an under the sink filtration system last week. Installation was quick, efficient, timely and friendly. The price was very competitive, especially after checking places like big box stores, Costco and Sears. Thank you Gary for a great experience. We can highly recommend this store. Great Service !!!!

  • Water Depot Woodstock

Great service

Great service. Always available when needed. John is extremely
knowledgeable and Jim is fabulous at carry out service. Purchased the water
package and every time I come in I'm told exactly how many bottles I have
left. Excellent system. Great reminder. Thoroughly pleased with our water
treatment equipment.

  • Water Depot Orillia

Super happy with the service

Super happy with the service and with our new water softener! Brian made the time to come to our home after hours to get the job done. Very professional and very friendly service! Thank You *:) Fa*
  • Water Depot Bracebridge

Super happy with the service

Super happy with the service and with our new water softener! Brian made the time to come to our home after hours to get the job done. Very professional and very friendly service! Thank You *:) Fa*
  • Water Depot Bracebridge

Unbelievable staff

Unbelievable staff who carry out my water every time, their charisma here is sure a nice breath of fresh air, I feel like im at home when I go in. the prices are amazing too!!
  • Water Depot Barrie

We are thrilled

We had an R/O water system and a water softener installed by the Water Depot Team from the Livingstone/Bryne drive stores. We are thrilled with the level of service and follow up from the entire team. My husband and I are both in business for ourselves and understand how important customer service is. We can't say enough about our level of satisfaction with the entire team. Would highly recommend you to anyone !!! Thanks again !!

I loved the service there

I loved the service there. Catherine Gosney was the most attentive person there. I will always go back to that store just for the happy and wonderful advice and help I got. I've been to other water depot locations and this is the best service I've ever got thank you for the knowledge and for the best service ever. I will definitely send my friends and family to your location. Thank you
  • Water Depot Barrie Essa

Great Service

Great service, great help! Overall enjoyable shopping experience! Five stars***** Google+ review June 2016

Excellent water

Excellent water. One of my favourite places to visit with the best customer service I've ever experienced!! so friendly and helpful.
  • Water Depot Barrie North

Great customer service

Great customer service, the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, beware of the jingle though, it'll get stuck in your head for days. Water depot.

Just had my water tested with Water Depot free test great service

Just had my water tested with Water Depot free test great service. Gary Barnett was very polite, well informative very thoroughly with the tests and answered all our questions. I knew we had hard water. But this confirms it lol time to replace the old water softer and in with a new one. They have great rates where u can rent to own or just rent or even buy out right. If u are looking for great service call one of the many offices they have.
  • Water Depot Lindsay

Superb skill and professionalism

They handle water softener and RO installation with superb skill and professionism.
  • Water Depot Oakville

Great Service

We had a new water softener installed by Grant in our basement. He was very responsive to deal with and educated us on the many options of water softeners. We went with the higher end model Refineosoft Water Softener and noticed an immediate difference in our water, especially on the skin and hair. This month we had a n issue with the softener and noticed it was filling with water. We emailed Grant and he came over that evening at 7pm to replace the part that was causing the problem which we did not expect so quick. Great service!