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Reverse Osmosis and Your Drinking Water

When many people drink bottled water, they may see a notice indicating that the water they are drinking is purified by reverse osmosis. But what does that even mean? For this article we will delve into the chemistry and science behind reverse osmosis in drinking water, and show the benefits to this water treatment.

Basically the chemical process behind reverse osmosis for water treatment is that an area of water in a high pressure environment, the water is then forced through a semi-permeable membrane to an area of lower concentration. This semi-permeable membrane helps filter out any particles that could be contained in the water. Think of it like a cloth that keeps the bad stuff on one side, and the good stuff (water) on the other side. When it all comes down to it, the drinking water is created by destroying the bonds to the bad stuff through the membrane, and all that is left on the drinking water side is purified water.

Additional steps are taken for drinking water. There are separate filters installed for sediment filtration, carbon filtration and others. An additional Ultraviolet system can be installed prior to the reverse osmosis unit to destroy any microbes that may exist in the water.

After all this, many people wonder if their drinking water is safe. The answer is, in short, yes. Each year one's municipal water company releases a public report available for anyone to see that details the levels of impurities in the water. The report comes complete with an easy to understand guide to all levels of substances in their water. Also the EPA evaluates every water companies output each year to make sure that drinking levels are safe for all consumers.  However this does not prevent contaminants from leaking into the water. The report that is published by the municipality shows that minimum levels of toxins that make it into the water and given to consumers. If the water depot exceeds this amount a fine is given and they are under supervision to bring those levels down.

If you want to be sure you may want to purchase a reverse osmosis pure drinking water system from Water Depot.  In home reverse osmosis systems remove the guesswork from this situation by letting the consumer know that the water they are drinking is 100% pure, regardless of how the water from the community is. Contact your local Water Depot for more information on the reverse osmosis systems.