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Provide clean water to your loved ones with Water Depot

Water treatment has become a monumental issue over the last few decades because our lakes, streams, and rivers aren’t what they used to be. At Water Depot, we are fully aware that the future depends on the treatment of our water. Contamination, harmful chemicals and bacteria can make water unsanitary and harmful to you and your family’s wellbeing. Our purification systems virtually eliminate the nasty taste of iron and other contaminants contained in water supply.

Water Depot specializes in water purification, and helps thousands of people in Ontario by providing them with quality water treatment systems. If you are passionate about providing clean, great tasting water – Water Depot is always looking for professional individuals to join our franchise. The staff at the Water Depot University will train you and your team to satisfy the needs of customers who care about the quality of drinking water. We have 22 locations in the greater Ontario area and are expanding! Water Depot’s numerous locations allow us to serve our customers better. Our franchise owners offer many different water purification systems at low-cost monthly plans to suit our customer’s needs.

Improving your family’s water is extremely essential and rewarding for the professionals at Water Depot. We are so proud and pleased to offer the community clean and refreshing water. Visit the Water Depot website at: Our website provides additional information about our products, free water testing, special offers, and getting started as a franchise owner. Don’t forget to check out our introductory video that explains what we’re all about. You can also link up with us on Facebook ( or follow us on Twitter (@waterdepot1).