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The Benefits of Water Softeners

Our water contains all kinds of minerals and materials that are collected from the soil, rocks and even the plumbing system that it passes through. Unfortunately, not all of those minerals and materials are ones that we want in our homes.

In most cases, large amounts of calcium, magnesium, and sulfur are discovered in the water source which could cause problems in the home. In order to preserve human health, these kinds of minerals and materials must be flushed out of our drinking water.

Hard water has high amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium. This becomes evident in the stains in your tubs, showers, clothing, and sink. You might also notice that you're using more soap.  Cleaners, soap and shampoo tend not to lather as much when used in hard water.

Although hard water doesn't negatively impact your health, it can have damage your home's appliances and fixtures, stain your clothing and dishware and even dry out your hair and your skin.

Some environmental advantages of a water softener include: faster lathering when using soap and shampoo (which also means you're using less water) and less wastewater flowing to your local wastewater plant. Water softeners also offer health benefits, like smoother skin and healthier hair. Your drinking water will also taste better without deposits of magnesium and calcium. Economical benefits from using water softeners include a cheaper water bill as your appliances aren't using as much water. Less detergents and soaps required to achieve clean results.  Dishes won't look as spotty in soft water either. Stain-free clothing last longer and you also won't have to repair and maintain your water heater, pipes, and other appliances as frequently.

Using a water softener also gets rid of unsightly hard water deposits on your shower head and faucet. Drinking glasses, pots, pans, tea kettles, and other appliances will no longer feel tarnished or feel grimy which is caused by hard water. If you're looking for a water softener in Ontario, visit your nearest Water Depot store. We have plenty of water softeners and water treatments to help keep your drinking water pure.

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