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Water for a More Comfortable Trip

It’s exciting to take a vacation, especially when the whole family can go along to see another part of the world. There’s so much to see and so many new experiences waiting. When your flight lands you want to be feeling great and ready for adventure. How? By making sure that you’re drinking enough water while flying.

Dry Plane Air is Uncomfortable

If you’ve flown before you already know that travelling in an airplane exposes you to an arid, pressurized environment. It only has about seven percent humidity so before long your nose, mouth and eyes begin to feel dry. That’s not all that’s going on in your body when this happens.

Unless you begin drinking water or water based beverages, you start to feel tired and your thinking becomes cloudy. Since your breathing passages are drying out, your body attempts to rescue them by pulling moisture from your skin and sending it to where it’s most needed.

When you reach this stage, you’re dehydrating. You’re lucky though, because the cure is fast, easy and tastes good!

Hang Around the Water Cooler

Staying hydrated is a simple matter of drinking lots of fresh water. Enjoy a couple of glasses prior to boarding the plane then consume lots of non-alcoholic fluids during your flight, specifically water and juices. Stay away from coffee or caffeinated teas and soft drinks as they are diuretics, which cause dehydration rather than helping.

Will all these fluids necessitate more lavatory visits? Sure, but the bonus of that situation is that you’ll stimulate blood flow in your calves and heart, so that’s not a bad thing, especially when flying.

Another Thing

If you need one more reason to convince you to drink lots of water during a flight, consider this: water helps lessen jetlag.

Making and Taking Your Own

These days you can’t board a plane with liquids but you can make sure that the water you drink at the airport is clean, clear and pure. Just use your pitcher filtration system from Water Depot to fill personal sport bottles. Each member of the family can carry their own and the empty bottles can be stowed in your suitcases for filling while on holidays.

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