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Get a Water Cooler for your Office at Water Depot

With the summer months quickly approaching, it is important to remember to stay hydrated—even at work! Having a water cooler in the office is an environmentally-friendly way to encourage employees to keep themselves hydrated and healthy. Making water available in the office can also persuade staff members to consume more water during the day rather than soft drinks or coffee. Instead of having that second or third cup of coffee mid-afternoon, try having a tall glass of water instead! It will work to hydrate your body and help make you feel more alert and productive throughout the workday! Having an available water supply in the office can help your employees working efficiently.

Water coolers are also great if you have any visitors coming to the office. It’s always polite to ask new visitors if they would like something to drink and it makes them feel more welcome. A water cooler can also add to the design of your office, they are available in a variety of models, including stainless steel, bottom-loading, and counter-top designs. Having water coolers in your corporate space is very beneficial – they are inexpensive, easy to use, and are quick to install. It’s a simple way to get your daily recommended amount of water and the perfect place to chat with your colleagues and associates.

Visit one of Water Depot’s 23 Ontario locations to see a wide variety of water coolers. With 9 different models to choose from, you are sure to find the right one for your office. In addition to water coolers, the water franchise offers a variety of water systems. These include water purification systems, ultraviolet disinfecting systems and reverse osmosis systems to reduce the amount of iron found in your tap water. For more information on Water Depot’s products, go to You can also “Like” Water Depot on Facebook (, and follow Water Depot on Twitter (