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  • Use iron filters to eliminate iron in drinking water!


Use iron filters to eliminate iron in drinking water!

Have you ever wondered why many people install iron filters in their home? Iron is one of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust and the most abundant heavy metal. It is used in a variety of industries, mainly steel production in Canada. Essential to our health, iron is required to allow for hemoglobin to transport oxygen from the environment to our cells. However, high levels of iron can be harmful to our bodies.

Although extremely rare, high levels of iron can be fatal causing hemochromatosis, otherwise known as iron toxicity. The amount of iron found in food and drinking water is generally too low to be considered dangerous, although small children, who should not intake as much iron as adults, have been poisoned as a result of ingestion of large quantities in the past.

Iron in water can also cause water to have a bad metal-like taste and discoloration. Having a high concentration of iron in water can also stain your laundry, dishes, and your bathroom fixtures.

To protect your family and your home from the harmful effects of high levels of iron in water, you can install an iron filter. Iron filters reduce the presence of iron in your water, diminishing discoloration, stains, and bad taste. Iron filters also reduce the presence of rust, chlorine, sulphur, and unpleasant odours.

Water Depot, a water franchise, offers a variety of water treatments across Ontario and carries a range of water systems to reduce the amount of iron in water in Ontario homes. Water Depot is also a retailer of reverse osmosis and ultraviolet disinfection systems, which helps to reduce the presence of harmful chemicals (including iron) and bacteria in your water.

In addition to these water purification systems, Water Depot also carries a wide selection of water coolers, hot tubs, and SodaStream drink makers—all perfect for the summertime! For more information on iron filters, summer products, or Water Depot locations, visit, where you will also find links to their Facebook page (, and Twitter account (!