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Beat the Heat this Summer with Water Depot

The summer months bring hotter temperatures and more outdoor physical activity, which also means more sweat! If you’re exercising or even just spending time in the heat, it’s vital that you drink lots of water to help you stay hydrated. Every tissue, organ, and cell in your body needs water in order to function properly (your body is over 70% water, after all!)With over 20 water franchise locations in Ontario, Water Depot has everything you need to stay healthy this summer, from water coolers to water purification systems.

Water Depot offers a wide selection of water coolers and water dispensers, which are a great addition to any home or office. A water cooler allows you to encourage drinking water rather than unhealthy soft drinks or juices. It will also help you cool down on the hottest of summer days! With nine different models to choose from, you’ll be able to find a water cooler that suits your lifestyle.

At Water Depot, we know that your kids don’t always want plain old water. The Soda Stream drink maker allows you to make your own carbonated soft drinks in over 60 flavours (without the added preservatives you would find in store-bought brands). With the Soda Stream drink maker, everyone wins! Parents won’t have to worry about whether or not their children are getting enough drinking water, and kids get to enjoy a sweet alternative.

Water Depot also has stainless steel water bottles and water pitcher filtration systems. Both the water bottles and pitchers are reusable, convenient and eco-friendly. Carrying a reusable water bottle is a great way to ensure that you’ll stay hydrated throughout the day, plus it eliminates the use of disposable plastic bottles!

Water not only keeps your insides healthy, but it also makes your skin glow! With the help of Water Depot’s water softener systems, your skin will be silky smooth (and with beach season just around the corner, you’re going to want to look your best!) Installing a water softener system would also save you money in hot water heating costs. In fact, a family of four could save up to $92 a month!

Water Depot is dedicated to keeping your family happy and healthy by providing you with clean water this summer. We offer a wide variety of water systems including ultraviolet disinfecting treatments, reverse osmosis treatments, water softener systems, and iron filters that help reduce the amount of iron in water. For more information about how Water Depot can help you and your family stay hydrated this summer, visit today! You can Like our Facebook page ( and follow our Twitter feed( to learn more about our products and services too.