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What’s That Smell?

Is your normally crisp and clean water supply emitting a slightly off odor? Maybe you’ve noticed a strange taste creeping into your drinking water, or unsightly stains coming out of your laundry. If there’s ungainly buildup on your dishes, in your sinks or in your showers, you may have a water problem.

Unfortunately, there are a number of things that could be going wrong with your water treatment system. Common culprits can include: hydrogen sulfide gas, iron saturation, sulfur, various types of bacteria and certain water-borne pathogens. Water treatment in Ontario is even subject to seasonal changes in The Great Lakes which can produce unsavory forms of algae that turn drinking water into stinking water. Whether it’s in the water supply itself or a byproduct of an out of date piece of equipment, no one should have to live with smelly water. After all, water is one of the most important elements necessary to life – it’s important to have clean potable water in your home!

If you’ve noticed that your tap water is emitting a foul stench, Water Depot is on the case. And with over 23 Water Depot franchise locations throughout Ontario, there’s a Water Depot near you – and your smelly water. Water Depot is well-equipped with a variety of water treatment systems including: water softeners, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet and iron water systems. We have the products you need to put this mystery to rest and get back to enjoying your water the way you should be. We can even “take out” a maladjusted water cooler and replace it with a fresher, more agreeable model.

For over a decade Water Depot has been committed to servicing Ontario with water purification and treatment systems that are capable of removing iron and a host of other undesirable elements from your water supply. But if you’re suffering from smelly water, your first step to relief is simple, easy and of no cost to you. Visit us today at our website,, to book your FREE water test. Our expert staff will diagnose your water issue and recommend an appropriate remedy, tailoring a water treatment package specific to your particular needs.

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