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Water Depot: Solving Water Quality Problems

When it comes to local drinking water, Ontario residents know that the water supply is generally safe. However, many residents have encountered issues such as taste or "iron water." Others have discovered that they need a water softener to remove excessive minerals in the water. No matter what issues you may have with the local drinking water, solutions exist from your local Water Depot franchise.

Ontario Water Testing

Before you invest in a water cooler, water systems, or water treatment, you'll need to know exactly what's wrong with your water. A water test available from your local Water Depot franchise can quickly identify common water quality problems such as excessive chlorine, dissolved solids, hard water, or iron water. Ontario Water Depot water test results provide you with the information you need to choose the best treatment options.

For example, if the test results show that the only problem with your water sample is that it has excessive calcium levels, then you'll be able to focus on finding a Platinum water softener to overcome that issue.

Types of Water Systems

Ontario Water Depot stores have products that vary from water softeners, hot tubs, ultraviolet systems, and reverse osmosis to water coolers and dispensers, iron filters, ionizers, and more. Whether you're interested in better tasting water or hot tubs, Ontario Water Depot water solutions exist. Below are a few of the most popular water systems Ontario residents prefer:

  • Reverse Osmosis – Ontario residents concerned about chemicals and contaminants in the water supply often opt for reverse osmosis systems. These systems use innovative, reverse osmosis technology to force water through a membrane. The membrane blocks contaminants resulting in clean, fresh drinking water.   
  • Ultraviolet – Ontario well water often contains microorganisms that must be dealt with for health reasons. Ultraviolet water systems use ultraviolet light to kill harmful bacteria and viruses without chemicals.           
  • Water softener – Ontario homeowners may notice that soap and shampoo don't lather as expected, that the dishwasher leaves behind large water spots, that glasses are cloudy and etched, or your faucets have excessive calcium build-up. These are symptoms of hard water which can easily be cured with a water softener.
  • Water cooler –Drinking water can be bought in bottles and dispensed through a water cooler. You can fill your own water cooler bottles at U-fill water stations operated by your local Water Depot franchise.

These are but a few of the many water problems and solutions available. Visit Water Depot  to learn more. You can also speak to us on Facebook and Twitter @waterdepot1.