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7 Ways to Make Sure your Children are Drinking Enough Water

Drinking water is incredibly important to anyone’s wellbeing. Unfortunately, water is probably not always your child’s number one choice. After all, with sugary, flavour-filled options like juice, soft drinks, slushies and smoothies out there, why would it be? Clearly, getting your kids to choose water over some other drink can be tough. Below are some tips and tricks we’ve come up with that will hopefully help you convince your children that water is the way to go!

Use Silly Straws: Something as simple as a fancy-shaped straw can make drinking water fun for your young ones. You can buy silly straws at any grocery store, and most of the time they are available in a variety of colours and shapes.
Try Reusable Plastic Ice Cubes: Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, reusable plastic ice cubes can be found in most grocery stores. Try letting your kids choose their own shapes—this can make drinking water a fun and special experience.
Add Fruit to your Water: Adding a slice of fruit to your water, whether it is a lemon, lime, orange, or berries; can give it flavour and colour. Try adding your children’s favourite fruit to their water glass and they’ll be begging you for more!
Use Colourful Cups: Colourful glasses are key to getting your children to drink water. Be sure to keep a stack of plastic cups within your children’s reach so they can choose the coloured cup they would like.
Get Fun Water Bottles: Refillable water bottles are very handy when it comes to packing lunches for school or preparing for family outings. By giving them their own water bottle with a fun design or favourite colour, can make them more inclined to drink from it! Plus, having a refillable/reusable water bottle is good for the environment as well.
Order Water at Restaurants: When you take your children out to a restaurant for dinner, order water for the entire family—including yourself! Leading by example is one way to encourage your children to drink more water.
Water Arts & Crafts: Purchase a plain plastic cup and some fun decorations—stickers, pom-poms, sparkles, ribbon—and let your kids go wild! Allowing them to decorate their very own special water glass will provide incentive for them to drink plenty of water!

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