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What kind of water cooler do you need for your business?

Water Depot in Ontario provides an array of water coolers that can fit any business's wants and needs. Water Depot's stylish 8 Series Bottom Loading Cooler does not require any lifting when replacing the cooler's water bottle and offers either a Cook & Cold or Hot & Cold option. The 8 Series' bottom loading standard makes this cooler well-suited for those who have trouble lifting heavy objects or for those businesses not willing to be troubled by the hassle of picking up and replacing traditional water coolers. The 7 Series Cooler is offered by Water Depot at a competitive price with a dishwasher safe drip tray. Although this cooler can be ordered in either a Cook & Cold or Hot & Cold version, it provides a standard child-resistant handle on its Hot & Cold model which, along with the dishwasher safe drip tray that is already standard with the 7 Series Cooler, makes it ideal for businesses that have children regularly present. Water Depot's Vail Cooler is constructed to provide durability and reliability to the consumer, making it appealing to those businesses that plan on keeping their coolers for a long time and are not looking to have to maintain it as much. The Vail Cooler is also available in either Hot & Cold or Cook & Cold. The Colorado Springs Cooler provided by Water Depot is particularly ideal for those businesses looking to rent a water cooler because it is made of super strong virgin HDPE material. With the additional purchase of Water Cooler's POU adapter cover, the Colorado Springs Cooler can be turned into a point of use water cooler, thereby making Water Depot's the Colorado Springs Cooler option even more appealing to those looking for the most economically efficient water cooler option. Also, the Colorado Springs Cooler can use hot water self-sanitize itself on a regular basis, further ensuring that it delivers freshest and cleanest tasting water. For more information about Water Depot water coolers and products, please visit

Water Depot is a business located in Ontario that offers water cooler products, water softener products, and also other water treatment systems. More information about Water Depot can be found at its website Additionally, Water Depot can be found on Facebook and followed on Twitter as waterdepot1.