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Softening Water The Water Depot Way

Water Depot is the fastest growing water treatment company in Canada and regional leader in soft water processing. Water Depot offers a wide variety of water softeners. Four water softeners are featured on the Water Depot website, and each of these four has it own unique benefits and features.

The most economical and versatile water softener offered by Water Depot is the Econo Water Softener. The Econo Water Softener has a time clock design with compact salt storage and fiberglass tank. Sizes of this water softener range from 16,000 grains to 50,000 grains. To find out more, visit

The Deluxe Water Softener is one of the most efficient water softeners available in the world. Some of the Deluxe Water Softener's features include a fully automatic and simplified water conserving design. State of the art computerized technology counts water droplets for the most exact cleaning efficiency. The design requires no fasteners, and is self cleaning upon demand. This water softener also offers the best water flow capacity available (at 1") and uses a power cell, so no batteries are required. The Deluxe Water Softener saves home or business owners money, mainly by using much less water and salt than other softeners.

For a water softener with iron removal, The Water Depot offers the Platinum Water Softener. This design is also made without fasteners, and has high volume water control for enhanced cleaning. The self-diagnostic feature, with error code and water history, allows this model to set each cycle to your specifications. The turbulator and fine resin allow for excellent iron removal.
Water Depot carries the Refineosoft, which many people feel is the best water softener. It's design offers the benefits and features of two machines in one, and is offered in a one or two tank design. The Refineosoft water softener removes chlorine and other chemicals. This improves the taste and odor of your water. With a lifetime warranty on both the unit and the resin bed, the Refineosoft provides function and dependability.

No matter which water softening unit best fits your needs, the Water Depot can help you choose and install it in your home or business. Visit the Water Depot website at for more information. You can also follow the company on Twitter under the name waterdepot1, or connect with them on Facebook.