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Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Water is essential to all forms of life, and it is composed of oxygen and hydrogen. Through the cycle of evaporation, water is precipitated over the entire world. However, only clean water can be used for the proper hydration of humans and additional lifeforms. Over two-thirds of our bodies are made up of water, so it has become our business to provide only the cleanest, freshest water to our customers. We at Water Depot utilize a myriad of products designed to create only the clearest water available; some of these products include reverse osmosis systems, iron filters, and water softeners. For more information about what we are up to, you can visit any of our many locations in Ontario, or you can follow us on Twitter (Waterdepot1) and lastly, you can opt to view our website:

Firstly, one of our most impressive, popular items is the the Water Ionizer. This infrared system creates the purest water, and can be easily attached to the tap unit or to the water line below. As far as aesthetics are concerned, this unit has captured the market in terms of beauty, and it is so easy to use and operate. This ionizer is the first in the world to use BioStone, which acts as a catalyst for negative ions when entering into the water stream. Furthermore, FIR is generated, which improves the energy of the water. To maximize ionization in the water, this useful contraption is at the cutting-edge of technology.

The Enviro-Tech water conditioner removes harmful chemicals in the water, while using no hydro or sodium, for this German technology consistently monitors chemicals in the water. By initiating the Refinesoft system, it is quite feasible to remove toxins, namely chlorine, odors, rust, herbicides, lead, copper, particles, and a whole lot more. A simple ten-minute shower exposes your body to harmful chlorine, and the Refinesoft system removes this harsh chemical, allowing your body to take in only pristine, clear water.

Lastly, the ultraviolet water disinfection systems allow for the removal of ecoli, protozoa, viruses, and coliform. By utilizing UV light, contaminants are eliminated, and nothing is added to the water; the system performs the same disinfecting principles as chlorine, without all the unnecessary contaminants. The Single Ultraviolet Disinfection unit is very inexpensive, has no side effects, and utilizes pressure gages for visual maintenance. These three systems merely scratch the surface of the assortment of water cleansing equipment available at Water Depot.