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Welcome to Water Depot

Drinking water is the most important ingredient in our daily lives. It is so important that we can't survive longer then three days without it. And pure, clean water can be an important aspect of our health as well. Unfortunately, most of the water that is delivered to us through the tap is filled with contaminants and impurities such as chlorine, bacteria and even heavy metals. That is why we at Water Depot have made it our business to provide our customers with a viable source of pure water so that they can reap the benefits of the most important natural element on the planet.

Our water treatment products provide the highest level of water purification through various options including reverse osmosis water systems, water softeners and iron filters. We also have a full line of ultraviolet water treatment and air purification systems to reduce contaminants and bacteria. And because the needs of our clients are so important to us at Water Depot, we also offer a full line of water dispensers, coolers, bottled water and home disinfection systems. We can meet the water needs of all of our clients no matter if they are at home or at the office, or whether they need it for their spas or hot tubs. Water purification is our business and we strive to meet the specific needs of all of our clients by providing them with a water system that fits their individual needs.

If your looking to become a part of the fastest growing water system franchise in Ontario, then visit our Franchise Page and learn more about how you can achieve fulfillment by improving the water quality in your community and surrounding areas.

With over 25 locations located in and around Ontario, find a store to serve you better or contact us for additional information. We are here to answer your questions about any of our water treatment and water purification systems.