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Ontario Water Treatment Company Takes Water Seriously

Water treatment has been getting more and more press these days, and those looking for water treatment options in Ontario can get no better products than Water Depot. Water Depot has products for every water treatment need, such as: water softeners, iron filters and reverse osmosis systems. Many people need water softeners, filters and reverse osmosis for a variety of reasons for in-home, cottage or commercial use.

Also, ultraviolet water and ultraviolet air purifiers diminish bacteria as well, and Water Depot specializes in ultraviolet technology. The ultraviolet rays change the DNA of viruses, bacteria, molds or parasites, so that they cannot reproduce and are considered inactivated. UV treatment does not change water chemically, because nothing is added except energy, and nothing is taken out except the life of microscopic bacteria.

Water Depot also supplies water coolers, water dispensers, bottled water, u-fill water on tap and home disinfection systems, even hot tubs and spas. One neat recreational product that they feature is their SodaStream Drink Machine, which boasts sparkling water in three seconds! Water Depot carries a variety of syrups and the machine itself is stylish and modern-looking - a compliment to any kitchen! Plus, help out the environment by cutting down on wasteful individually packaged sodas while making your own just how you like them - seems like a win-win!
Because Water Depot has so many options for water treatment, it's helpful to keep up with them, get discounts and timely announcements by following them on Twitter at or becoming a fan on Facebook (simply search for Water Depot).

Besides keeping up with Water Depot's knowledgable staff online, call Ontario-based Water Depot to test your water to find out how hard your water is or what other water issues you may have, which will help you know which of Water Depot's great water treatment programs you need for beautiful, clear, refreshing water. Water Depot also has several pages on their website:, devoted to Frequently Asked Questions and multiple ways to contact them, get answers and get the water treatment service you need. They have many choices, but they also have dedicated franchise owners and staff who are ready to help you.