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The Benefits of an In-Home Reverse Osmosis System

Person filling a glass of water from the tap.

Who doesn’t enjoy a cool glass of refreshing water?

Especially in the warmer months, having access to clean, cold and satisfying water is very important, to both your health and lifestyle. Keep the clean and clear water flowing through your faucet with a reverse osmosis system. In this article, we take a closer look at what a reverse osmosis system is and the benefits that one can offer.

The Connection Between Dehydration and Depression

Refreshing glass of lemon water

It’s no secret that drinking enough water every day is imperative to your best health. Drinking enough water regularly can help to keep your body hydrated, leading to weight maintenance and a healthy BMI, better sleep, and reduced stress, along with reduced risk of various health conditions. But did you know that drinking water can also be linked to lower risk of depression? In this article, we find out how drinking enough water every day can have a connection to your mental health.

Why Every Home Should Have a Stainless Steel Water Cooler

Person filling a glass of water from a stainless steel water cooler.

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a cool glass of water. With a stainless steel water cooler, you can enjoy a sip whenever you please. Aside from being a sleek feature that can make a great addition to any home, there are many features and benefits of having one of these modern kitchen appliances.

What Happens to Your Body if You Get Dehydrated?

Woman drinking water.

Did you know that the human body is mostly water? In fact, water is essential to human life. Staying hydrated is extremely important to your health and quality of life. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at what dehydration is, the effects and the health benefits of drinking water.

Do I Have Lead in My Tap Water?

Person getting water from the tap.

Testing your water is the best way to learn whether there is lead in it or not. Homes built more than 40 years ago have a greater risk of having lead in the water because they are more likely to have lead plumbing. Lead was used as a material for manufacturing water pipes until 1975 and in the solder used to join pipes until 1986. Until 2014, faucets and hardware could contain up to 8% lead.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the process of finding out if you have lead pipes or not, and then what can be done to resolve the issue.

Apps, Tips & Tricks to Help You Drink More Water

Woman drinking water while outside exercising.

Water is absolutely essential to life. As human beings, we are made out of nearly 60% water. To say water is a vital element of life is a serious understatement, but many people are chronically dehydrated and falling short of their recommended 64 ounces per day. While many people have their reasons for not drinking enough water – noting that they don’t like the taste, or they simply don’t feel thirsty, or they forget to sip on it throughout the day – it’s critical to make sure you get enough water each day. To help you stay hydrated and healthy, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and useful apps to encourage you to drink up!

How to Become a Water Depot Franchisee

People shaking hands.

Are you looking for a fresh and exciting business adventure?

Franchising a Water Depot store might be right up your alley! Fresh, clean and pure water is essential and should be widely available. As a Water Depot franchisee, you have the chance to do just that! In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the benefits of partnering with Water Depot and the steps to take, so that you can get started on this great new adventure!

Benefits of Drinking 8+ Glasses of Water a Day

Woman tying shoe while outdoors and drinking from a reusable water bottle.

Do you drink enough water everyday?

Drinking a few glasses of water here and there might give you the idea that you’re drinking enough, but few of us actually hit the right amount on a regular basis. The truth is, drinking the right amount of water daily can improve your life in so many ways. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the health benefits of drinking eight or more glasses of water every day and how you can accomplish your goals with ease.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Need to Treat Your Water at Home

Woman wearing a pink sweater holding a glass of water.

It's time to make a lasting change in your lifestyle and quality of life altogether! The installation and long-term use of a water purification system can change the way you look at the water you drink – for the rest of your life! Regardless if you have a UV water treatment system, water softener, or reverse osmosis system, there are so many amazing benefits to be had!

How to Easily Remove Fluoride from Your Water

Filling glass from water from the tap.

Home water purification systems can benefit you and your family in many ways. Mainly, by improving the taste, odour, and overall quality of the water. They do this by removing many of the pesky contaminants that make their way through modern plumbing systems and water treatment plants. One of the most well-known impurities that make it through is fluoride. In fact, fluoride is actually added or naturally occurring in most tap water.

To learn more about the fluoride in your drinking water and how to remove it if you wish, read on.

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ultraviolet Water Purification Systems

Glasses of water

If you’re like many other Canadians, then chances are you spend a good amount of time trying to make the healthiest decisions for you and your family. As you may already know, drinking water is essential to a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. In fact, many studies have shown that adults should be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. With such a high water intake, it’s important to ensure that the quality of your water is up to par. With help from an ultraviolet (UV) purification system, that can become a reality.

Let’s take a closer look at what UV water purification systems are and how they can help.

The Importance of Testing Your Water

A vile of water to be tested.

We all need water to survive. No matter where you reside, be it a house in the suburbs or a high-rise apartment downtown, or even a rural cottage or farmhouse in the country, you deserve to enjoy clean and fresh water. That’s just the thing though, with water it’s so difficult to tell just how pure and clean it is. Unless it’s emitting a funky odour or is a bright green colour, chances are you won’t be able to notice if something is amiss. That’s where water testing comes into play. There are some great benefits to having your water tested, that can affect the quality of the components of your home, to the health of you and your family. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of testing your water.

10 Incredible Ways to Drink More Water Every Day

Young woman drinking water while on a run through the city.

Are you having trouble drinking enough water every day? You aren’t alone. Many Canadians find it difficult to drink the recommended amount of water every day. Life can become overwhelmingly busy in the blink of an eye. While you’re juggling responsibilities such as work, relationships, children, and social commitments, it’s understandable if your daily water consumption falls through the cracks. Luckily, there are some things you can do to ensure that you drink more water every day.

Let’s dive in!

The Truth About Plastic Water Bottles

Many plastic water bottles waiting to be shipped.

Plastic water bottles are many things. Convenient, yes. Reusable, sure. But they are also extremely bad for the environment, very expensive, and can even be harmful to your health. Unfortunately, the bad highly outweighs the good when it comes to plastic water bottles. Millions of plastic water bottles are used and simply tossed away all around the world, every single day. There is a variety of sustainable and cost-effective alternatives to plastic bottles that are available to us, but first, let’s take a closer look at the truth about plastic water bottles.

How to Remove Lead from Your Drinking Water

Water pouring into a glass.

Drinking enough water every day is essential to your best health. Since it’s recommended that adults drink at least eight glasses of water a day, shouldn’t we do our best to ensure that this essential fluid is of the best quality? Tap water, although quite regulated and seemingly clean in developed countries, can still have impurities lingering in it. One of the most common is lead. Many studies have shown that consuming water with traces of lead in it can be harmful to your health. Luckily, there are things that you can do to ensure that your drinking water is clean and free of harmful contaminants.