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  • How you can benefit from a 7-stage Reverse Osmosis System

How you can benefit from a 7-stage Reverse Osmosis System

How you can benefit from a 7-stage Reverse Osmosis System

There are plenty of skeptics out there when it comes to water purification. Many people believe that, because of the water treatments applied to their water by their municipality, residential water purification systems are an unnecessary expense. But did you know that, even if the water entering your home is clean, it could be contaminated by your plumbing system?

To ensure that your drinking water is free of harmful contaminants, we suggest you consider installing a 7-stage Reverse Osmosis system. Filtering your home's water through a semipermeable membrane, a 7-stage Reverse Osmosis system can remove certain kinds of molecules and ions from your water to produce safe, potable water. Here are three ways you can benefit from installing a 7-stage Reverse Osmosis system in your home:

• Eliminates bacteria, viruses and parasites: Despite your city's greatest water purification efforts, it is possible that your drinking water could contain potentially harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites. Using filters, advanced water purification systems such as Water Depot's 7-Stage Reverse Osmosis system, can remove health-threatening contaminants from your water, such as E. Coli and cryptosporidium.

• Removes heavy metals: Heavy metals can present a threat to your health if found in your drinking water. Although serious, the side effects of drinking water containing heavy metals do not present themselves right away. Heavy metals have been shown to impair the development of youth and can even lead to long-term neurological problems. They are generally completely removed from your drinking water by your city; however, old residential plumbing systems can infect the water in your home. When you have a 7-stage Reverse Osmosis system, you can rest at ease knowing your drinking water is safe.

• Improves flavour and appearance: After you install a water purification system in your home, you will be amazed at the quality of your drinking water. Crystal clear, odourless and virtually tasteless, water from a 7-stage Reverse Osmosis system is simply the best!

At Water Depot, we know your family's safety is your primary concern. That's why we provide a 7-stage Reverse Osmosis system (with a built in Ultra violet light and ceramic filter) to ensure your drinking water is contaminant-free. For more information on our water treatment and water purification systems, visit us online at