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Spotlight on Clean Water Charities

Spotlight on Clean Water Charities

We all know the importance of clean water; it's vital to our health and well-being. However, while clean water may flow freely from your tap, clean water is not universally available. For example, according to nearly, 1 billion people (a sixth of the world's population) do not have access to safe drinking water. More than twice that number lack basic sanitation. As jarring as those numbers may be, there's hope. Several clean water charities are taking the lead both in educating the world on the importance of clean water and actually doing something about it. Below are three of Water Depot's favourites.

WaterCan – WaterCan believes that the cycle of poverty and disease can be broken through access to clean water, basic sanitation, and hygiene education. Its programs include Clean Water for Schools, Clean Water for Health, and Clean Water for All. Based in Canada, WaterCan focuses its water treatment, clean water, and basic sanitation efforts on Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

Free the Children – Free the Children is an international charity for children by children. Its founder, Craig Kielburger, was just 12 years old when inspiration struck. He and a group of Ontario classmates got together to free the children from poverty and exploitation in 1995. Today, over 1.7 million youth are involved in freeing the children. One of the charity's numerous programs focuses on providing clean water. Free the Children offers numerous ways for people to get involved including fundraisers, walk for water events, and "Water Rafiki Friend Chains." Purchasing a Water Rafiki Friend Chain from Free the Children both supports the women who make them and provides water for one year for one person.

Charity: Water – Charity: Water brings safe, clean drinking water to people in developing countries. Like other the other two clean water charities, Charity: Water understands the importance of clean drinking water in terms of health and sanitation, gender equality, livelihood, the food supply, and the future. This charity is funded by private donors who cover operating costs which allows 100 per cent of all public donations to go directly to water treatment projects. Thus far, Charity: Water has funded over 8,200 projects in 20 countries.

Thanks to a wet climate and modern water treatment facilities and water softeners, Canada has ample and safe drinking water. Clean water charities from Canada are making progress in bringing clean drinking water to developing countries in need. You can help by donating your time or money.