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The Benefits of the Chloramax System

Fresh iced water in a glass jug with two water glasses

Fresh, clean water — it’s something each and every person in the province should have access to. With Water Depot’s new Chloramax Whole Home System, that wish can become a reality.

Why Clean Water is Important

Having access to clean, great-tasting water is essential for your health. If your drinking water, you’re unlikely to want to drink it. Clean water is also essential for great tasting tea and coffee, and cooking.

So, if you want to enjoy fresh, clean water, having a home filtration system like the Chloramax Whole Home System, is essential.

What is the Chloramax Whole Home System?

The Chloramax Whole Home System is a water treatment solution that treats every drop of water in your house to rid it of harmful chemicals while still maintaining the water’s natural minerals.

Why is the Chloramax System Necessary?

As a natural solvent, water has the ability to soak up bits and pieces of whatever it touches — and that can negatively effect its smell and taste.

The Chloramax Whole Home System works to remove chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines and their by-products.

The Chloramax Whole Home System also removes iron, sediment, rust, stains, cloudiness and bad tastes and smells from your water. The result? Cleaner, fresher tasting water that won’t tarnish your sink, tub, shower or toilet.

The Benefits of the Chloramax System

  • It reduces chlorine, chloramines, THMs, pesticides, TCEs, herbicides and particles
  • It reduces unwanted tastes and odours
  • Free of chemicals, water is less likely to dry out your skin or hair
  • Does not require salt
  • Units are available with or without a back washable control valve
  • The system is available in up-flow or downflow configurations
  • Backwashable valve models boast controllable valve cycles geared specifically to each water problem
  • Minimal maintenance is required, making it hassle-free for owners
  • Very little service or repairs will be required over the system’s lifetime
  • It comes with a warranty

If you’re ready for cleaner, better-tasting water, get in touch with us today.

Water Depot

With more than 35 retail locations in Ontario, Water Depot’s primary goal is to provide safe drinking water across the province. Its Chloramax Whole Home System, which focuses on chlorine removal, is its newest way to achieve that goal. If you’re interested in a Chloramax system for your home, find a location near you and make chlorine water a thing of the past!