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The Benefits of Water Softeners

The Benefits of Water Softeners

Shinier hair, softer skin, brighter clothes, cleaner dishes...these are some of the most commonly cited benefits of water softeners. But did you know that water softeners can also extend the life of your appliances, reduce harmful waste, and increase the efficiency of your plumbing system? Keep reading to find out more.

Extended Appliance Life

Appliances can be expensive. That's why we think it's so important to make them last for as long as possible. With a water softener, protecting your investments has never been easier. Hard water is high in potentially harmful minerals like calcium and magnesium ions, which can build up on the inside of your appliances. This build-up can affect the performance of your appliances and potentially even shorten their lifespan. By reducing the amount of minerals present in your water, a water softener can increase the lifespan of your fixtures.

Less Harmful Waste

If you're an environmentally-conscious consumer, you'll love what water softeners have to offer. In addition to reducing your home's overall water usage, water softeners can help reduce harmful waste leftover from soap and detergent. People who have hard water tend to go through more soap than those with soft water. This is because the harsh minerals in hard water make it difficult for soap, detergent and shampoo to lather well. Because soap is more effective in soft water, people with soft water can use less soap, which will ultimately reduce the amount of toxic waste entering the environment from their home.

Cleaner Plumbing System

Having a water softener installed is crucial for keeping your home's plumbing system in good condition. Hard water can leave behind residue in your fixtures and pipes which can accumulate over time. By reducing the amount of harmful minerals in your water, water softeners can minimize scum build-up and decrease the risk of clogs or erosion. Keeping your plumbing system clog-free will not only make it last longer, but will also increase its efficiency.

Want to learn more about the benefits offered by a water softener? Ask an expert at your nearest Water Depot today!