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What’s causing my Water to Smell Bad?

What’s causing my Water to Smell Bad?

When all you want is an ice-cold glass of pure water, there's nothing worse than discovering that your home's drinking water has become smelly and/or discoloured. There are a number of reasons why your water could be carrying a strange odour. Here are some of the most common causes:

Sulfur & Chlorine

Sulfur and chlorine are both common sources of bad taste in drinking water. Sulfur can occur naturally in many areas and usually peaks during certain times of the year. Although sulfur can give water a rotten egg smell and a slightly bitter taste, it does not pose a threat to your health. It's also fairly common for drinking water to contain chlorine. Chlorine in drinking water comes from chlorination, the most widespread water purification method.

Copper & Iron

Another frequent source of bad smelling water is copper or iron from the pipes that transport your drinking water throughout your home. If your water has a brownish tint, that is usually an indication of high iron levels. Elevated copper and iron levels may cause your water to smell bad, but they generally appear in such low concentrations that they are not harmful to your health. High iron and copper levels in your drinking water may imply that you need to install an iron blaster or a water softener in your home.


Algae in your home's water source could be another reason why you detect an odd smell in your water. Although algae is removed by your city through water treatments, the odours it gives off could linger in the filtered water. You can usually eliminate this smell with a water filter in your home.

To prevent your water from developing an odd odour or taste, it's a good idea to install a water filter system. At Water Depot, we carry a variety of water treatment systems including: reverse osmosis systems, iron filters, ultraviolet disinfection systems, water softeners and more. To browse through our water treatment systems, you can visit us online at