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What's in your glass of water?

What's in your glass of water?

Have you ever found yourself drinking a glass of water from the tap and thought it tasted a bit strange or looked a little cloudy in the glass? It is never a good feeling when you’re not 100% sure what is in the water you drink, bath and cook with every day.

In every major Canadian city, water is managed and treated chemically with chlorine, ammonia and many other chemicals to avoid harmful bacteria. Whereas rural regions and private wells do not have water specialists checking for contaminants on a daily basis. This is why it is extremely important for people to learn about the water in their homes. One of the most water educated communities in Canada is Walkerton Ontario. Due to the e-coli devastation in 2000 these people are now highly aware of water issues.

People in rural areas tend to be more knowledgeable about water issues because they’re much closer to it, whereas urbanites are disconnected and naive with their water and how it gets to their tap.

Whether you live in the country or the city it is imperative to know what is going into your water. There are many systems available that treat water organically rather than chemically, leaving you with healthy uncontaminated water. Take the first step and get your water tested by a water specialist in your area, don’t let another glass of water leave you with doubt about your health and safety Call Water Depot today.