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Why Every Home Needs a Water Softener

Why Every Home Needs a Water Softener

Did you know that your home could be exposed to hard water? Are you aware of the harmful side-effects of hard water? Here's what you need to know. Hard Water can leave a soapy scum on glasses, lime deposit on bathroom fixtures, and cause mineral build-up in water heaters, pipes, dishwashers and showerheads. In addition, hard water reduces soap and shampoo's ability to lather and causes laundry to become stiffer and duller in appearance.

So, how can you stop the negative effects of hard water? Water Depot has the solution for you: a water softener! Water softeners can remove harmful chemicals found in hard water, leaving you with chemical-free soft water.

Here are the benefits a water softener can provide:

  • Protection for your plumbing fixtures and appliances against corrosion and scale build-up
  • Softer skin and shinier hair
  • Improved efficiency of your water heater
  • Dishes and glassware that shine
  • Laundry that washes brighter, comes out softer and lasts longer
  • Money savings – up to 70% in soap costs and 20% in hot water heating costs
  • Less streaking and spotting when you wash your car
  • Potential to expand the lifespan of your appliances

A water softener from Water Depot offers tons of advantages. When you have a Water Depot water softener, you'll be receiving all these rewards in your home and gaining the peace of mind that comes with owning a water softener. Water Depot carries an extensive collection of water softeners at competitive prices –and with over 25 dealerships across Ontario, it's easy to find a location near you. Visit us today to get your water softener or check out our website for more information.