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Hardness & Iron Water Test Kit

Hardness & Iron Water Test Kit

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Hardness & Iron Test (2-test pack)

Check your drinking, tap or other water for hardness and total iron

This 2-test pack enables user to find out if the sample water contains iron (both ferrous and ferric). It also checks for the hardness of the water.

Iron on its own is generally not harmful to health. It does cause stain to machinery, sink and other fixtures as well as causing scale build-up in plumbing and equipment. This decreases their efficiency and in time total blockage and use. The presence of iron may suggest the presence of iron bacteria and they may cause other organisms to grow in the water.

Again hardness of water is not harmful to health but where the level of hardness is high, it generally indicate the presence of iron. Water hardness is the traditional measure of of the capacity of water to react with soap, hard water require a considerable amount of soap to produce a lather. Hard water normally produces a noticeable amount of precipitate in containers including "bathroom ring."

Water containing calcium carbonate:
below 60mg/L is considered as soft
60 - 120mg/L is considered as moderately hard
120 - 180mg/L is considered as hard
above 180mg/L is considered very hard

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