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Water Ionizer

Water Ionizer

SKU: AS GEN1 Weight 15.00 Weight 15.00

Want a great value, and one of the most popular ionizers in the world? The revolutionary Melody offers Jupiter's new amazing infrared filter system for maximum purity, energization and filtration ability. You can choose to attach your Melody to either your tap or directly to the water line below your counter. You can also install your Melody below the counter by using one of our special dual-outlet, above-counter faucets.

This unit has it all!

Stylish upright look, great filtration, great range of output, ease of operation and installation. Combined with the pedigree and security of dealing with Korea’s largest and longest established water ionizer manufacturer, this unit truly has it all. Then add on the security of buying from a company that has been in business longer than any other US manufacturer, AND is the choice component manufacturer for major USA companies such as Tennant. Buying from Jupiter ensures satisfaction.

Melody Science Filters

The Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer was for a very long time Jupiter Science's most popular model (though more recently they have introduced their Jupiter Orion / Aquarius and newest Venus models which are now quite popular). It is the first Water Ionizer in the world to use BioStone in the filter, which naturally generates negative ions as soon as it makes contact with water. It activates water to assist in support of metabolism, and circulation. In addition, Tourmaline generates FIR that improves the energy level of water. It acts like a 'supercharger' antioxidant, assisting the water alkalizer to ionize and alkalize. Surfactant effect (makes water wetter) increases by around 100% as it negatively ionizes water and supports extra negative ionization in the water alkalizer.



Roughly 70% Of Our Body Is Made Up Of Water, Simply Changing What We Drink Can Dramatically Change How We Feel.

A healthy lifestyle always starts with a solid foundation. In terms of foods, we know that; “organic”, “free-range” and “farmer’s market” are more nutritious than their counterparts; “processed”, “refined” and “packaged”. The closer our food comes from its natural source, the healthier it is for us.

The same applies to water.  Drinking water is important, drinking the right water is vital.

Pure natural water begins its journey by cascading through layers of soil, rock and sediment. Each layer then provides a mix of vital minerals completely free of toxins, chemicals and industrial waste. As it flows over our Earth, it becomes magnetically and electrically charged which helps create a water that is more hydrating, rich in minerals and filled with antioxidants.

The alkaStream replicates this process and in essence allows nature to flow right out of your tap.

There is no quicker way to boost our health than by improving what we drink. Where would you like to start today?

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