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Forever Soft

Forever Soft

Uses Only Clean Water To Clean Itself

Just as you would not use dirty water to clean your clothes or dishes, why would you use raw water to clean your water treatment system?  Forever soft is the only product in the world to use proportional soft water to clean itself. The result is better soft water and money savings.

24 Hour Soft Water

Yes, it is true 24/7; 365 days a year you have soft water. No more hard water creep into your hot water tank, dishwasher, or drinking water system.

Most Advanced System In The World

So advanced yet so simple this product does not have a screw, nut or bolt. We can say that because you’re Forever soft has a built in computer that computes the amount of water used in your home everyday and only cleans itself when necessary. It even has a self diagnostic system for Easy service trouble shooting. The best feature of all is set it and forget it.

Truly Green

Your 24 hour soft water forever soft system allows you to cut back up to 70% of the soaps and chemicals used in your home. It does not stop there it also uses up to 80% less salt and water compared to others. This all adds up to being good for the environment and saves your money, now there is a winning concept.

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