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  • Reasons Why Your Water Softener Might Not Be Working

Reasons Why Your Water Softener Might Not Be Working

With proper care, maintenance and usage, you can enjoy a fully-operational water softener. With any household appliance or feature, problems can arise. With a system that has water flowing through it, some issues may appear from time to time. What’s important is that they are inspected, diagnosed and treated quickly and properly.

If your water isn’t as soft as it once was, there’s a chance your water softener has a blockage. As water flows through the system, blockages can occur from minerals and salt. The brine solution that helps to reduce the hardness of your water is where the accumulation of minerals and salt can come from.

Other issues may include:

  • Salt Bridges
  • Resin Beads
  • Failed Motor
  • User Error

For help diagnosing and resolving the issue with your water softener, get in touch with the experts at your local Water Depot store today. Our team of specialists would be more than happy to help bring your water softener back to life.